Bevlan Office Interiors

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Project Brief

Bevlan Office Interiors, a well-established company with nearly four decades of experience, has earned a solid reputation as a go-to destination for office furniture solutions in the North-West of England. With a rich history, the company has developed a loyal client base and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of businesses in the region.

The need for a comprehensive rebranding effort arises from a desire to adapt to changing market dynamics, attract a more discerning clientele, and convey a modern, elegant, and sleek image that resonates with high-end customers. Bevlan aims to position itself as a leader in the office interiors industry, offering not only furniture but a complete, premium service experience.

Bevlan Office Interiors, after nearly 40 years of trusted service, is eager to embrace a modern and elegant identity that appeals to high-end customers. This rebrand is not merely a surface-level transformation but a comprehensive endeavor encompassing all aspects of brand communication, from visual identity to messaging, to ensure the company remains at the forefront of the office interiors industry in the North-West of England.

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We embarked on a challenging journey to revamp Bevlan Office Interiors' brand identity and marketing materials, aiming to seamlessly unify their extensive portfolio, which included products from various manufacturers, each with its distinct target audience, brand identity, and ethos. The most formidable challenge was to create a brand identity that could harmoniously house these diverse sub-brands under a single, compelling umbrella.

To surmount this challenge, we recognised the need for Bevlan's brand to assert ownership over every product in the manufacturers' catalogues. This led to the inspiration for our logo, the face of the brand. Taking cues from how humans signify ownership – through signatures on legal documents or beautiful art – we crafted a signature-like emblem featuring a distinctive buffy letter 'b' with elegant curves. This not only conveyed ownership but also exuded a sense of plushiness and comfort, a paramount consideration for furniture buyers.

In the realm of colour palette, we introduced two new shades – deep blue and pale blue – for their sleek and elegant allure, in addition to a revamped Bevlan Teal colour, named 'Bevlan Teal II,' to maintain continuity. The primary palette was completed with a standard White to facilitate clean, smart designs in both online and offline contexts.

Our entire design system shifted its focus to the products, emphasising their role within large-scale projects rather than individual furniture pieces. This aligns with Bevlan's objective to encourage companies to purchase sets instead of standalone items.

The font chosen for the rebrand is Proxima Nova, a typeface renowned for its geometrical shapes and diverse weight options, perfectly suited for this project.

The website we crafted for Bevlan was developed from the ground up to address core issues observed in their old site. It was characterised by slow loading speeds, outdated design, inefficient maintenance, and time-consuming processes. Our solutions included page optimisation to reduce the size of each page to less than 1.5MB, application of the new brand identity design, a fresh logo, colour scheme, and a new layout with a product-focused approach within larger projects. The website also incorporated interactive elements such as hover animations, scroll-triggered animations, and seamless page transitions.

In addition to the website, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of Bevlan's marketing materials, social media content, product brochures, staff photography, and other collateral.

As part of our commitment to individualised solutions, we worked with Bevlan to create a bespoke payment plan, ensuring that they could achieve their exciting new branding within a budget that was more affordable than what is typically expected at a traditional design studio.

This rebranding project has brought Bevlan Office Interiors a contemporary, elegant, and cohesive brand identity, culminating in a revamped website and marketing materials that focus on product integration, setting them on a path to appeal to high-end customers and maintain their standing as a leader in the North-West England office interiors market.

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