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Project Brief

Imperial Office Furniture, a reputable player in the industry, has recognised the need for a stronger brand presence to resonate with the evolving preferences of the younger demographic. Through our market research during a recent rebrand project for one of Imperial's dealers in the North-West, we identified opportunities for enhancing Imperial's brand identity to better appeal to Gen Z.

Despite recent efforts such as introducing a new logo, there remains a challenge of brand confusion. Imperial aims to capitalise on the growing influence of Gen Z in decision-making roles within businesses by offering affordable yet quality office furniture with a compelling brand image.

Key competitors have invested significantly in brand awareness, emphasising the importance of a strong digital presence. Imperial seeks to address this gap and establish a distinctive identity that resonates with Gen Z values of authenticity, transparency, personalisation, and lasting relationships.

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Our design study for Imperial Office Furniture centres on creating a modern, instantly recognisable, and unique brand identity tailored to appeal to the growing Gen Z demographic. Building upon Imperial's competitive advantage in pricing, we aim to elevate its digital presence while maintaining consistency across online and offline media.

The proposed brand identity features a new logo mark optimised for digital applications, reintroduction of the signature orange colour for increased recognition, and unique elements like the Kreadon font and modern art-inspired illustrations to enhance uniqueness.

With a focus on longevity, our deliverables include comprehensive Brand and Design Guidelines to ensure consistency and effective implementation across all touchpoints. The digital-friendly approach encompasses a redesigned website and engaging content strategies to captivate online audiences effectively.

This project represents a strategic investment in Imperial's future success, aligning the brand with the preferences of the next generation of decision-makers. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Imperial on this transformative journey towards a more compelling and resonant brand identity.

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