National Car Parks

Visual Identity, Advertising

Project Brief

National Car Parks (NCP), known as the UK's premier car park service provider, is the focus of this design study aiming to explore potential avenues for refreshing its brand identity. With operations extending nationwide, NCP's marketing approach predominantly revolves around digital platforms such as its app, website, and social media channels. In this endeavour, the focus lies on digital design to ensure alignment with modern trends and user preferences, prompting a reassessment of NCP's visual identity. While the project aims to introduce subtle updates to NCP's iconic yellow hue, the overarching goal remains to maintain recognisability while embracing a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.

The design study underscores NCP's commitment to remaining at the forefront of the car park service industry, adapting to evolving consumer expectations and digital advancements. By strategically refining its brand identity, NCP seeks to reinforce its position as a trusted and prominent player in the market, resonating with both existing patrons and potential customers in the dynamic digital landscape.

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By infusing a raw, industrial aesthetic with a refreshed shade of NCP's signature yellow, now christened 'Canary', we crafted a distinctive and instantly recognisable visual language. The choice of Doumbar by Atipo Foundry as the primary typeface was a natural fit, seamlessly aligning with NCP's industrial roots, especially in its stencil version. The addition of Bebas Neue further bolstered the brand's visual impact, creating a cohesive and memorable identity that resonates across digital platforms.

Through meticulous design decisions, we aimed to position NCP as a modern leader in the car park service industry, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. By staying true to NCP's heritage while embracing contemporary elements, our approach ensures that the brand remains relevant and compelling to both current and prospective customers. This design journey represents a strategic evolution for NCP, setting the stage for continued growth and success in a dynamic marketplace.

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